Using the Godox AD600 Pro system.

When I started my Photography business, I was quickly drawn to the way of working by the pioneers of this style. I started photographing the most of my portraits using a speedlite and the Cactus triggers. While Pocketwizards where the main brand to use, they where too expensive when starting out my journey. So I went for the much cheaper Cactus Wireless triggers.

This proved to be a reliable choice. They where performing well in the scenarios I used them. Not too far away that is. The last version (Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6 II) where just as reliable as the previous models, but with much better experience, usability wise.

But since my urge to use a more powerful/robuust, even an alternative, solution I stumbled across the Godox brand. Especially the Godox AD600 Pro, combined with the Godox X Pro-S Transmitter for Sony.

Now, the lightsource itself, there's a lot said already so I won't go into those details. (And I'm not a scientific flash kind of user.) Currently I've used the system in several scenarios and cases. Not even close to extreme, again, fired close to where I'm standing myself. But the system misfires a lot, so much actually, I'm in doubt if I'm the problem. But then again, I never had any issues with the Cactus/Speedlite setup.

I'd love to see if there are others with the same issue of having quite some misfires. Maybe especially with the combination of the Sony A7III, the X Pro-S transmitter and the Godox AD600 Pro combination.

I'll post more updates when I used the system much more, maybe there's a pattern evolving that might help to figure out the cause of the issue. Since the system is performing well for others, there might be a specific reason for it not being that reliable in my case.

To be continued...

After a few months of use I can tell that, after a firmware update on both the trigger as the unit, it is much more reliable than before.

5 september 2018
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